What is the first day of bootcamp like?


Embarking on any life-changing journey comes with unfamiliar territory. The first day of Coding Bootcamp is the beginning of something special. To help reduce some of the nerves that come with any unfamiliar situation, we wanted to shed some light on the first day of bootcamp.

Getting to know your classmates and establishing a relationship is critical to your success throughout the bootcamp.  You will rely on your classmates at times, need a laugh or a break from the action, and your classmates are the beginning of your peer network. The early portion of your day will be spent getting acclimated with your classmates and how the bootcamp is going to flow.

People of different technical levels are entering our bootcamps. Our instructor spends time understanding how each person is different and where we can help support you wherever you are in your technical capabilities. The bootcamp is designed to empower people of varying technical skill levels. During the bootcamp you will spend the most time with your instructor and in second place is your computer. On your first day, your instructor will help you get your equipment set up. Logging in, file storage, and preparing to begin your GitHub.

You will compile a massive amount of code as you build a functional Enterprise-level business application during your bootcamp.  This project will stand as proof of your hands-on coding capabilities. On day one, you will begin to set up your GitHub, a code file repository that can be viewed by employers and is your home for all your code. You won’t understand it now, but in the hiring process, you will learn to keep your GitHub Green.

You won’t get thrown into the deep end of the pool until day two.  We do our best to give you the first day to acclimate yourself with your classmates and what is to come in the days ahead. Our team works hard to make sure you have everything you need in the class to be successful. The pace of the bootcamp is determined by the amount of curriculum we need to cover before you leave us. To be honest, it is the amount of training needed to successfully deliver on our promise to our hiring partners. They expect the MAX Grad standard, and our students live up to that promise.

Enjoy the relaxed pace of the first day.  Take a deep breath and prepare to enjoy the ride of your life. Epic achievements create epic change.

Have fun.

MAX Team!

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