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The Bootcamp Success Specialist is a highly motivated, passionate promoter of MAX Bootcamps as a vehicle to change careers for motivated individuals and organizations that are looking for alternatives to building IT talent.

Roles and Responsibilities

How to apply

The Coding & Career Bootcamp Success Specialist is focused on developing relationships with potential/incoming Bootcamp candidates. You will act as their guide through the Bootcamp information and registration process. It is essential, for you to ethically convey the details of the Bootcamp course, assess the candidate’s interest in the bootcamp, and guide them through the candidate vetting process. As a certified training center agent, you are expected to uphold all ethical regulations set forth by the Ohio State Board. The Success Specialist is a hybrid business development/customer management role that offers a fast-paced sales activity with the heart of customer service. The Success Specialist will be responsible for recruiting, vetting and selling potential interested parties in the program.

The Success Specialist must maintain a constant marketing mindset to increase visibility and public awareness of MAX bootcamps in the region. The Success Specialist will work with MAX Marketing internal and external teams to collaborate and build content and fluid campaigns, creating new content and assisting with blog posts, website layout, website content/workflows, etc. ·

To find adequate candidates, the Success Specialist must:

  • Work with MAX instructors to plan related “Intro to X” free events to generate leads
  • Market and run existing events like bootcamp breakdowns and plan additional events for lead generation and networking
  • Be present at all MAX sponsored events (TechOlympics, Agile Cincy, Momentum, etc.)
  • Network with existing coding related meetups to build strategic partnerships for lead generation.
  • The Success Specialist must be involved with networking and building strategic partnerships constantly. This includes (but is not limited to) The Startup community, the Chambers, Business to business events, senior developers, hiring managers, staffing agencies, recruiters, and others involved in the Cincy Technology Space.

The Success Specialist must leverage the MAX team, especially in Networking by using Denise (CEO), Terri and Wendy (corporate sales), as well as Instructors, as they attend networking events on behalf of MAX and keep the bootcamp LOB as part of their product offerings.

In addition to in-person networking and marketing, the Success Specialist must maintain a constant, online presence.  The Success Specialist must utilize LinkedIn to its fullest abilities – building partnerships with the local tech community, recruiting, marketing events, creating content, sharing content, and adding constant tech-related value to followers and connections. Course Report and Operation Code are also bootcamp related sites that will be important to maintain a MAX presence. The Bootcamp Success Specialist must also:

  • Develop ongoing partnerships with IT Recruiters in our region.
  • Stay informed regarding funding sources and changing legislation, grant monies/incentives, and how best to capitalize on available monies.
  • Manage recruitment fairs; exhibit at job fairs and appropriate venues.
  • The Success Specialist will guide prospect through entire sales process, from finding the lead, sharing information, administering tests, acquiring documents and paperwork, and documenting all the steps throughout process in the CRM tool.
  • The Success Specialist will work closely with team members in Operations, Instructors and Career manager to build a successful student experience and outcome for the student.

Skills/Experience Requirements:

  • Most importantly, be opportunistic, resilient and adaptable.
  • Customer service oriented
  • The drive and willingness to keep learning new technologies, especially those including MAX offerings
  • Responsible, punctual and reliable
  • Flexibility and ability to “think on your feet”
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated, outgoing and friendly
  • Responsive and patient
  • A “me second” attitude
  • Able to creatively solve complex issues
  • Maintain a high level of energy and excitement while working with the team to overcome any obstacle
  • Must have reliable transportation and a willingness to work evenings and weekends, as needed
  • Excellent time management skills

Desired Qualifications:

  • 2+ years in a high-volume sales environment
  • Strong understanding of the Cincinnati business scene
  • Foundational technical knowledge of IT required

How to apply

Call our office directly and ask for Kim Peace At 513-322-8888. Or, email your resume and contact information to [email protected]

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