WHY Choose MAX Technical Training

“Training at MAX is Focused, Relevant, Meaningful” says Greg Witzgall , Vice President, Great American Insurance.

Everyone at MAX is committed to helping people grow, to achieve their full potential by helping them harness the full power of their systems and technology.

From the first contact, we talk with you to to make sure you are choosing the right course, the right content for your specific objective. Next, we provide a space where you will feel confident and comfortable while learning, whether that’s online or in our facility. Our delivery is performed by vetted experts not only in their field of expertise, but also in the craft of instruction, of knowledge transfer. In summary, our clients answer the question of Why Choose MAX Technical Training in many ways but they all come down to Confidence in new skills and knowledge.

For teams, we offer a four distinct levels of service:

  1. Standard Training: Yes, this is training that you can get almost anywhere, but at MAX you get content delivered by a vetted expert who can go deeper and broader on the material ensuring your team finds real value and confidence in their ability to troubleshoot their specific pain points.
  2. Modified Training: We look at several standard training packages (beginner to advanced levels) and choose only those sections that are valuable to you and your team. We stitch these together to make a modified / customized class to address your particular needs.
  3. Customized Training: Sometimes you need more than just modification, you need a whole new course to address your needs. We do that too!
  4. Consulting: Sitting in on training is one thing, ensuring it is put into action is another. Our instructors can come to your office and work with your team to ensure new skills and best practices are put into action.

Here’s a short video about us: MAX in 30 Seconds

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