Web Development Training

Whether you are an aspiring ASP developer, seasoned JavaScript programmer or just trying learn more about programming with HTML5 and CSS3, etc MAX has a course for you.

As corporations around the globe are learning to harness the power of the World Wide Web to increase their business, demand for web development specialists is at all-time high.

Students will also learn programming and scripting languages that drive the web, such as: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP/MySQL, ActionScript, JavaScript and jQuery.

Students attending our courses learn to build static and dynamic web pages using the most current versions of industry-standard applications and tools such Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Why choose MAX for web development training?

  • Attend all classes from your home/office using our Remote Live technology.
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training
  • Access to class software and the virtual lab environment.

Web Development Training

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