Bootcamps are the most effective way of learning rapidly

MAX bootcamps are courses we’ve structured to facilitate accelerated learning. If you or your people are ready to dive into the deep end quickly, then a MAX boot camp course is the perfect choice.

In our boot camp courses, you will learn specific skills, tools and techniques and practice with hands-on labs in a zero-distraction environment. You will have plenty of two-way dialog with your instructor because our class sizes are kept small (10 – 16 students). In short, you will learn more in a shorter time frame in a boot camp environment.

Check out our current bootcamp / accelerated courses for IT Professionals.

Developer Bootcamps @ MAX

Are you a Career Changer looking to become a Software Developer?

Our Developer Bootcamps have been graduating junior developers and winning awards since 2012.  These bootcamps transform people from a variety of former careers and in less than 3 months they are ready to work as either a Java or a .NET Full Stack Developer.

Custom Bootcamps

Did you know that we can build a bootcamp / accelerated course for you? If you have a group to train and think a new boot camp course would fill your needs give us a call, email, chat with us or complete our Custom Learning Request form and we’ll get right on it!

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