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Training Options – It’s Your Choice!

We are one of the last places where you can get expert Instructor-led Training “In the Room With You”.

When you need effective instruction in convenient delivery formats, whether that be instructor-led or self-paced, in our classrooms or in your office or online – MAX delivers.

Delivery options sensitive to time constraints and targeted to learning objectives.

We know that people’s affinity for learning new material and skills is not one-size-fits-all which is why we offer a variety of delivery methods to bring effective instruction to you regardless of your physical location or learning style.

Thanks to the dynamic pace of technology adoption we have seen delivery methods come and go and whatever the future brings, MAX will be working it.

Today, the five most in-demand methods are Instructor-led training, remote or virtual training, hybrid training, elearning / on-demand training, and blended learning. So, which is right for you?

Instructor-led Classroom Training (ILT) – is facilitated by an instructor in a face-to-face live classroom setting. The instructor presents material and there is an opportunity for interaction and hands-on learning.

Remote Live Instructor-Led Training is delivered in an online environment where the instructor and each learner is in a separate location. Remote Live ILT provides scheduling flexibility and access to hard-to-find technologies. Our video and audio connectivity allows your students to attend and participate in MAX classes from anywhere in the world.

Hybrid Instructor-led Training (hILT) is a live learning event that integrates the live classroom setting with Remote Live. In this setting, the instructor delivers a learning experience both face-to-face and via Remote Live. The learning is interactive, all students participate both virtual and in classroom.

eLearning or On-Demand Training is computer or web-based training that is delivered electronically through an assortment of media. eLearning allows a student to time shift learning to the most advantageous schedule, at night, weekends, etc. Training is self-paced and can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Blended Learning is a mixture of any or all of the other delivery methods. When MAX crafts a modified or fully customized training program we often design a blended learning approach for the most effective and efficient learning experience.

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