Social Engineering and the Forer effect.

“As a reader of the Max Technical Training blogs, I can tell that you are really astute. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage…” 😉 Since I am writing a new version of my coursebook on Security Fundamentals, Social Engineering and the Forer effect is on my […]

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What is Clickbait? How Does Clickbait Track Me?

Let’s learn about Click Bait Systems! Why? Because if you don’t, you can be lied to and hacked. As some of you may know I do security consulting and training for a living. So, here is some free advice. What is Click Bait? Click Bait Systems are a number of competing and co-operating internet websites […]

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Cisco issues 7 “high priority” security advisories; Firepower, IOS and ASA issues among them

Source: Network World, Michael Cooney Cisco had a pretty large dump of security advisories today – seven “high priority” and one “critical” – impacting a variety of products many with the threat allowing a remote attacker to cause a denial of service. First up this week Cisco said a vulnerability in the Session Initiation Protocol […]

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WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking tools and documents dump – should you care?

Yes, you should care about WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking tools and documents dump. And here’s why.  Like you, I have been listening to a number of stories on the general media outlets about the WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking tools and documents dump and am surprised to hear interviewed security experts say the information in these dumps is of no […]

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New Security Awareness Course for IT Staff and Information Workers

Fresh, up-to-date Security Awareness Training for IT Staff & Information Workers for 2017 – with fresh material crafted and delivered by a Security Expert Instructor. In this easy to understand, 2 day course, your team will experience the true meaning of the phrase “Knowledge is Power”. When it comes to Security Awareness, your team’s power to […]

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