Project Management Training Courses

Take a PMI-certified Project Management training course and be prepared for your next project.

Project Management Training Courses

Accelerate your Project Management career with a PMI Certification.

Every organization has projects to manage. Those who are trained to do it properly are more efficient and better equipped for the challenges of a constantly changing business environment than those who aren’t.

Whether you are newly appointed to the role of project manager, an experienced project manager needing advanced training, or looking for a CAPM or PMP exam prep boot camp, our project management training curriculum has the course you need!

With MAX’s project management courses, you get the following advantages:

  • Objective creation, prioritization, resource assessing, development and conflict resolution skills will all be enhanced.
  • Information management and sharing will be improved substantially.
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills are honed, leading to optimal project management performance.
  • AllMAX project management courses provide valuable PDUs to help you towards your PMI certification.
  • CAPM and PMP Exam Prep Boot Camps to help get you that much in-demand PMI certification.

MAX offers project management courses provided by industry leaders in project management, focusing on real-world situations to offer no-fluff, always actionable lessons.

Get started on your project management career development and become a project management champion today!

Project Management Training Courses

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