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Spotlight on Kanban On-Demand


Get an overview of Kanban with this spotlight course. This 8 hour course looks at Kanban, its background, and how it can be used in your work and private life to improve the way that you manage your workload. This short, non certification course introduces Kanban and shows how you can use the principles in both your home and work life.

  • Study online at your own pace
  • 30 days online access (60 days access available)
  • Includes videos and a study guide – yours to keep
  • Learn the essentials of Kanban
  • Put Kanban into the context of your home or business environment


Three easy to absorb lessons covering Kanban terminology, and concepts. 

Lesson 1: Introducing Kanban – including the history of Kanban and its importance

Lesson 2: Kanban in action – building your workflow and Kanban boards

Lesson 3: Reviewing your work – introducing Stand-up and making improvements


This course does not require any existing knowledge of Kanban


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