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Security Awareness Program Workshop

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A fun and interactive workshop to gain understanding about effective Security Awareness program creation and implementation, as well as how to build buy-in for a mature security culture. 

The Security Awareness Workshop is a unique event that will help you to go beyond just choosing good security awareness classes we will actually create a Security Awareness Program that brings behavior change and metrics that are usable for the entire organization.


Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • What is Security Awareness, why should we care?
  • Security Awareness is a business process not an “IT Problem”
  • Typical problems and challenges with Security Awareness training
  • Ingredients required for a Security Awareness program that brings behavior change
  • Understanding how adult learning and neuroscience can address challenges in Security Awareness
  • Leveraging adult learning and neuroscience to produce behavior change
  • How to align Security Awareness programs with your business processes
  • Gauging Security Awareness program success and using metrics
  • Mature, manageable and cost-effective business-centric approaches to security
  • Your information security “credit report” can either be a competitive advantage or a disadvantage
  • How business infrastructure, policies and procedures can support (or can undermine) Security Awareness
  • Why “human firewalls” are a misconception
  • Why all roles, including C-level employees, need to have a tailored Security Awareness program
  • Social media, cloud and mobile devices as part of your Security Awareness program




Who should attend this workshop?

CEOs, CIOs, IT Leadership, Training and Development, Risk Management staff, Compliance Management and anyone that is a stakeholder in policies and business practices. Anyone wishing to purchase or create a Security Awareness program for an organization or enhance an existing program


1 Day Course

Class Dates

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