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Security Awareness for Active Directory Administrators and IT Managers

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This course is designed to “inoculate” employees against both purposeful and accidentally triggered security threats to your organization that involve Active Directory and its required services. In doing so this course also empowers employees to self-sustain a competent level of security awareness. Having an understanding of the topics and techniques covered in this course will allow better discourse between individuals and departments when planning, implementing and executing policies, troubleshooting or auditing in any aspect of Active Directory. 

The course is designed to be highly flexible with a wide range of information that can be tailored to security knowledge needs of learners. At the conclusion of this course students will have the security awareness and knowledge needed to recognize and defend against all major forms of destructive hacking including social engineering.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Recognize common destructive hacking techniques and understand appropriate organizational to resolve the resulting issues.
  • Understand the importance of personal and organizational Security Awareness.
  •  Evaluate the importance of user buy-in and compliance. 
  • Describe and understand X.500 architecture and LDAP fundamentals.
  •  Recognize forms of cyber-attacks against Active Directory.
  • Describe and understand Active Directory 2016 mobile account management.
  •  Understand the principle architecture of Kerberos and NTLM.
  • Gain proficiency in recognizing attacks on dependent systems such as DNS.
  • Recognize and defend against Social Engineering techniques and attacks.
  • Understand the principle architecture of X.509 and A.D. Certificate Services. 
  • Understand the new authentication models for cloud technologies (Federated Services, MIM, SSO). 

Note: It is recommended that students take the Security Awareness 2-day class, or equivalent (such as Security + from CompTIA) so that they have a good broad knowledge of security fundamentals to complement this class.


Module #1:  Overview of X.500, LDAP and A.D. Architecture

  • ISO Standards
  • LDAP
  • GPO Overview
  • Intune
  • Workplace Join/Device Registration

Module #2:  Overview of A.D. Authentication Systems 

  • NTLM
  • Kerberos

Module #3:  A.D. and other Authentication Mechanisms

  •  Single Sign On (Federation Services)
  • Same Sign On (A.D. Connect)

Module #4:  A.D. Certificate Services and X.509

Module #5: A.D. Internal Services 

  • Operation Masters
  • Forest and Domain Function Levels
  • Read Only Domain Controllers

Module #6:  DNS and A.D.

  • DNS Overview
  • SRV Records and Security


Before attending this course students should have a basic understanding of internet and intranet concepts and 2-3 years of experience with Active Directory, TCP/IP, security policies and networking. 


This course in intended for all information workers that interact with Active Directory management, network policies, domain controller infrastructure, DNS infrastructure,  organizational security policies, IT management, or any aspect of wide area network operating system security in a Microsoft environment. 


2 Days Course

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