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“Lead with your Strengths” Workshop

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 This workshop is offered only as a private workshop.  Price is for up to 12 participants.

This workshop helps organizations to better identify and understand the strengths of their people, how to fit those strengths into building a stronger organization and how those in leadership positions can lead from their areas of strength.

Using the Gallup Strengths online assessment, each participant will complete the evaluation to identify their top 5 natural strengths.

Once strengths are discovered, explained and validated by interactive exercises attendees will know how to leverage their natural strengths to contribute to the success of the organization`s team.



Workshop Details:

  • Contains individual pre-workshop exercise to gain insights that maximize workshop outcomes
  • Uncover the basement of your strengths, when your strengths can “become a weakness”
  • Identify the possible perceptions of others when your strengths get out of balance
  • Team members gain understanding of where they fit in an organization, helping to mitigate weaknesses and develop team strength
  • Bring clarity to your career path to enjoy a lifetime of success
  • Appreciate the differences in how others approach a task based on their strengths
  • Align your personal and organization goals/vision by leveraging your natural strengths




1 Day Course

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