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Introduction to Web Development

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In this 2 day instructor-led course students will explore the theory and practice behind the development of modern day web applications using programming tools and languages such as HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3). Students will learn by building a Website as a class project.


  • At the end of this course, the learner should be able to:
  • Understand the structure of an HTML5 document, and realize why the structure of the document is important.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use many of the common HTML5 elements.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using Cascading Style Sheets to dramatically increase web developer efficiency.
  • Develop the framework for their personal website.


Module 1: Static Websites Overview

  • Brief history of the Web (Tim Berners Lee)
  • Role of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Browsers

Module 2: HTML

  • XHTML vs. HTML5
  • Document Structure
  • Structured Content: block and inline elements
  • HTML5 shiv and primary tags: header, footer, nav, aside, section, article, figure,figcaption
  • Links: external, internal, placeholder, mailto, image
  • Graphics, including basic free graphic editing
  • Validation
  • Metadata: description, keywords, author
  • Special Characters (Entity References)
  • Tables: table, tr, td and rowspan/colspan

Module 3: CSS

  • Text and Font Styles
  • Box Model
  • Styling Lists
  • CSS3: rounded corners, box-shadows, linear gradients, transparency
  • Print CSS
  • Reset CSS
  • Positioning and Page Layouts

Module 4: JavaScript/jQuery

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction to jQuery

Module 5: Personal Sites

  • Creation of Personal Site
  • Download, Set-Up and use Filezilla (FTP)
  • Publish Starter Page(s) using FTP


This course is designed for persons who understand the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and have used both technologies to create basic web pages. It is aimed at individuals interested in using these technologies to create advanced web pages and to test their validity.



2 Days Course

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