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Implementing Cisco Contact Center Chat & Email


In this 4-day hands-on course students will discover how to deploy Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email into an existing Packaged Contact Center environment. The course covers the details needed to prepare both CCE and ECE environments for the integration and configuration steps required to do the actual integration. Students will gain experience with the operations and administration tasks required for initial ECE deployment as well as ongoing system administration such as enabling SSO, importing objects, preparing queues and workflows, using the scripting tool, generating reports, enabling system logs for troubleshooting. Students will also see how to implement features that enhance ECE operations for Agents. This course also describes feature enhancements that will be available in ECE 12.0. This course is designed for partners and customers responsible for deploying and administering ECE in the PCCE environment.


Implementing ECE

  • What is ECE?
  • ECE Components and Deployment Models
  • Installing ECE
  • Classic ECE Navigation
  • Prepare PCCE for ECE
  • Integrate ECE with the SPOG
  • PCCE/ECE Integration Tasks
  • Integrate ECE with Email
  • Integrate ECE with Finesse
  • High Availability Considerations
  • ECE Call Flow Primer

ECE General Administration

  • SPOG Partition Overview
  • SPOG Department Overview
  • Adding and Importing CCE Objects into ECE
  • ECE Queues

Cisco ECE Email Administration

  • Personalize the Email Trail
  • Workflows
  • CCE Scripting for Email
  • Verify Email to Agent
  • Blended Routing
  • Storage Management

Cisco ECE Chat Administration

  • ECE Configuration for Chat
  • Chat Entry Points
  • Verify Chat Operation
  • Customize Chat
  • Callback/Delayed CallBack

ECE Features

  • ECE Reporting
  • Agent Single Sign-On for ECE
  • Troubleshooting ECE

High-Level Discovery Overview

  • Discovery 1-1: Navigating ECE and CCE
  • Discovery 1-2: Navigating ECE Email and Finesse Integration
  • Discovery 2-1: Preparing CCE Basic Configuration
  • Discovery 2-2: Working with ECE Imports
  • Discovery 2-3: ECE Agent Login
  • Discovery 2-4: Working with ECE Workflow Queues
  • Discovery 2-5: Working with ECE Articles
  • Discovery 2-6: Workflow Editor and Verifying Email Operation
  • Discovery 2-7: Configure and Verify Chat in ECE
  • Discovery 2-8: Reporting for ECE
  • Discovery 3-1: Agent SSO

4 Days Course

Class Dates

Good to Run
Remote Live

This class runs from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM EDT
Good to Run
Remote Live

This class runs from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM EDT

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