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Herding Cats: Leading IT Professionals

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Ineffective and disengaged leaders cost the US economy roughly $398 Billion annually. On the flip side, fully engaged and effective leaders deliver 10% higher productivity, 20% higher sales and 30% higher profitability for their organizations.

In leadership, one size does not fit all. Not all industries are created equal. Technology leadership is unique in its landscape, its challenges and most certainly its people. Learn the nuances of how to successfully manage IT professionals to maximize impact to the organization.


Module 1 - The Essence of Leadership

  • Why is good leadership so elusive: The 10 : 20 : 70 Rule
  • Down to the essence: The 3 Dimensions of a super-leader

Module 2 - Transformational Leadership: Vision to Make Things Happen

  • Organizational Transformation: Keys to building agile organizations
  • Individual Transformation: The art of transforming lives that transform organizations
  • Revolutionary vs Evolutionary transformation: Which approach for which purpose?
  • 10 Characteristics of the best transformational leaders

Module 3 - Transactional Leadership: Focus to Get Things Done

  • Managing projects: Outcome over Output
  • Managing people: Purpose over Process
  • 10 Characteristics of the best transactional leaders

Module 4 - Relational Leadership: The Business of People

  • Internal relationships: How to develop leadership character
  • External relationships: How to build 360-degree power networks
  • Directional relationships: How to build super teams
  • 10 Characteristics of the best relational leaders

Module 5 - Technology Leadership: The Differences

  • The landscape: Walking on water: Ever changing and fluid
  • The people: Herding cats; smart, wild and untamed
  • The challenges: Complex and countless
  • 10 Characteristics of the best technology leaders
  • 10 Golden rules of technology leadership

Module 6 - Higher Order Leadership: Leader of Leaders

  • Leader of leaders: The Art of managing other leaders
  • Leadership selection: Why 82% of organizations get it wrong
  • Leadership development: It’s not a set it and forget it discipline
  • Leadership problems: What happens when good leaders go bad.
  • Leadership chains: Avoiding contagious leadership


An open mind and a willingness to learn.


Current or future IT Leaders and managers.


1 Day Course

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