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Fundamentals Skills for New Managers: How to Manage Up and Down

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Fundamental Skills for New Managers is to ensure that new and seasoned managers feel confident and competent in this role that requires a unique set of skills to manage and lead others effectively.

Learn How To:

  • Set Expectations and Professional Boundaries

  • Build Trust and Cohesive Teams through Real-World Scenarios and Role-Plays

  • Learn a Framework For and Implement Delivering Balanced Feedback

  • Create an Action Plan to Enhance Your Managerial Effectiveness


Set The Right Tone: Best Practices For New Leaders

  • “Relationship” Meeting Goals
  • Worksheet: Establish Communication Expectations for Your Staff
  • Keep Your “Boss” Boundaries Intact: Managing Your Friends
  • Recognizing Your Power: The New Supervisor Case Study
  • Draft a Mission Statement for Your Work Group
  • Mission Statement Framework
  • Example: Mission Statement
  • Develop Strong Leadership Skills: Four Attributes of Effective Meetings
  • 5 P’s of Effective Meetings

Build Trust and Respect

  • Values Based Leadership
  • Defining Your Professional Values-Tool
  • Root Causes of Performance Management Challenges
  • Best Practices: Group Dynamics and Performance-Forming
  • Best Practices: Group Dynamics and Performance-Storming
  • Best Practices: Group Dynamics and Performance-Norming
  • Best Practices: Group Dynamics and Performance-Performing
  • Maturity Levels
  • Motivation Factors
  • Individual Employee Motivation Plan

Best Practices: Feedback

  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
  • 8-Step Model for Improved Performance
  • F.A.S.T. Feedback
  • Explain the Gap
  • Crucial Confrontations: Addressing Sensitive Issues
  • Crucial Confrontations Tool: Addressing Sensitive Issues




There are no prerequisites for this class.



This course is appropriate for new and experienced managers and supervisors who want to discover or hone the fundamental skills that they need in order to lead their staff to higher levels of productivity.




1 Day Course

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