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Collaborating with Microsoft® Office 365® Teams


This course builds on the foundational knowledge of the Microsoft® Office 365® online apps and takes a deeper look at the other apps beyond Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. This course introduces the Teams app, which can be used to collaborate on shared files and conduct online meetings.


Topic A: Navigate the Teams Interface

  • Microsoft Teams
  • The Teams User Interface
  • How to Navigate in the Teams App
  • Navigating in a Team

Topic B: Create a Team

  • New Team Creation
  • Team Roles
  • Channel Tabs
  • How to Create Teams
  • Creating a Team
  • Adding Content to Team Channel Tabs

Topic C: Meet in Microsoft Teams

  • Meetings in Microsoft Teams
  • Teams Meeting Window
  • Starting and Joining an Impromptu Meeting
  • Meeting Details
  • Meetings Tabs
  • How to Schedule and Join Meetings
  • Scheduling and Joining a Meeting in Teams


This course is designed to be one course in a series. The foundational course is Microsoft® Office 365® Online (with Skype® for Business). It is highly recommended that you take the prerequisite course before taking this one.


This course is designed for knowledge workers in a variety of professional situations and fields who have been introduced to the Office 365 online productivity apps and want to explore and use them to collaborate, communicate, and share resources with members of their organizations.


1 Day Course

Class Dates

Remote Live

This class runs from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM EDT

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