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Certified PowerCLI Engineer

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If you want to spend more time enjoying your hobbies then this course is for you!

This 2 day instructor led hands on course starts with the basics needed for a great foundation in making your life easier as a vSphere administrator! Even if you have never used PowerCLI this course is for you, we will start with the basics and build upon them. The intent is to make sure the attendee walks away with the ability to automate their life related to vSphere administration anyway.

When you are finished with this course the attendee will be very comfortable with PowerCLI. You will be able to automate most everything in the vSphere world and maybe a little more!

Upon completion, the Certified PowerCLI Engineer candidate will be able to competently take the CSP exam.

Mile2 is Accredited by the NSA-CNSS, Approved on Homelands Security NICCS Framework, and is on the FBI’s Tier 1-3 Certification Training Chart.


Module 1: What is PowerCLI?

  • All about the PowerCLI object
  • Commandlets in PowerCLI
  • How to connect to vCenter and ESXi
  • Getting help

Module 2: Basic Usage

  • Get cmdlets
  • Add/Remove/New cmdlets
  • Export/Import cmdlets
  • Set cmdlets
  • Format cmdlets
  • Move cmdlets
  • Start/Stop/Suspend/Restart cmdlets
  • Test cmdlets
  • Update/Wait cmdlets
  • Other cmdlets

Module 3: Configuring and Managing the Host

  • Configuring host settings
  • Configuring vSwitches
  • Configuring storage including vSAN

Module 4: Provisioning, Configuring and Securing virtual machines

  • Creating virtual machines
  • Managing virtual machines
  • Configuring virtual machine settings
  • Running scripts inside the virtual machines
  • Securing virtual machines

Module 5: Configuring and Automating the Cluster and other advanced settings

Migrating virtual machines

  • vMotion and SvMotion

Configuring the cluster

  • Resource Pools
  • vApps
  • Other cool Stuff

Configuring and Managing Distributed Resource Scheduler

Configuring and Managing High Availability

Distributed Switches

Module 6 - Reporting and Auditing with PowerCLI

Building reports on everything important

  • Virtual Machines
  • Hosts
  • Clusters
  • Datacenters
  • Security Audits


Some experience with scripting and 2 years’ experience with VMware vSphere


IT Professionals


2 Days Course

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