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Career Services


Strengths Workshop

The student will take Gallup Strengths assessment to learn, understand and leverage their natural identified strengths to differentiate themselves in the marketplace during job search and contribute toward success in new role. 

LinkedIn workshop

We will cover:

  • Why personal branding is important
  • How to build a personal brand
  • What are recruiters and companies are looking for
  • How are jobs found today
  • How businesses are using LinkedIn for business development and recruitment
  • How to connect with people in companies that you are targeting
  • How to build great positioning statements when leveraging warm connections
  • How to write a strong profile
  • Crucial LinkedIn etiquette
  • How to establish yourself as an expert
  • How to update privacy settings
  • How to leverage status updates to stay top of mind

Resume / References / Cover Letter Workshop with built-in lab

The student will participate in a workshop / lab where student will update / re-format resume to position their learning and experience to reflect new career goal.

  • Create initial draft of Power Message (tell me about yourself)

Interview Tactics & Tools

The student will learn interviewing techniques and strategies, including behavioral interviewing.  A ‘power message’ (tell me about yourself) statement will be created to ready the student to be fully prepared for interviewing.

  • Get prepared for the interview
  • Discover the 5 critical keys for a “Knock Their Socks Off Interview”
  • Use body language to reinforce your message
  • Prepare for behavioral interviews
  • Make yourself memorable
  • Reinforce power message status
  • Preparing for Common Interview Questions

Emotional Intelligence

  • The difference between IQ, EQ and personality
  • The tangible, hard, financial benefits of having high Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • How brain function and chemistry impacts your EQ skills
  • Real world, practical, day to day, applications of Emotional Intelligence
  • Advanced emotional observation skills like MicroExpressions, Advanced Listening
  • Practical tips, techniques, resources and tools for improving your own EQ

Effective Job Search

  • Out of the Box Strategies
  • Networking
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Implementing Follow Up

Weekly Group Coaching / Accountability

  • Rehearse Power Message and common interview responses
  • What is working / not working in job search; identify barriers, strategize
  • Q & A regarding: overall job search
  • Goal setting in Job Search for ROI

One on One coaching

  • To be scheduled for one-time session
  • Review resume for critique
  • LinkedIn review for critique
  • Addressing specific barriers (i.e. lack of experience, career transition, disability, long term unemployed, etc)

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