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Basic SQL Administration – Creating SQL Objects

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In this one day webinar we will take a deep dive into the world of SQL Server Database Administration from the developers perspective. We will explore the use of SQL objects, and learn how to create them. These start with databases and drill down into tables, views, functions, stored procedures and triggers. We will explorer ensuring data integrity by using column constraints and foreign key constraints. We will see how indexes can improve performance and explore clustered and non-clustered indexes. If time allows, we will also explore Column Store Indexes and In-Memory Tables.


  • Completion of a MAX coding bootcamp or,
  • Equivalent knowledge is required:
    • SQL Syntax
    • Tables, Columns, Data Types, Nullability
    • Boolean Login & Expressions
  • Software Requirements (must have installed prior to class):
    • Windows
    • SQL Server Management Studio (preferred)
    • or Visual Studio

1 Day Course

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