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Applying Professional Scrum

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Gain a deep understanding of Scrum by practicing it

Reading about Scrum and trying to apply it seems easy.  The tough part about Scrum is not the rules, artifacts, or roles; it’s the foundational understanding as to why Scrum works in the first place.  If you want to learn how Scrum works and, more importantly, why, this is the class for you.

This 2-day Applying Professional Scrum (APS) course applies hands-on experience practicing and learning Scrum.  It’s the perfect class to take time out from work and actually practice Scrum in a guided environment, all the while learning why certain behaviors are in place and why.

Throughout the APS course, you’ll participate as part of a Scrum Team utilizing the roles, events and artifacts of the Scrum Framework to build a product incrementally and iteratively. You’ll also experience the principles and values of Scrum while gaining insight on team-based collaboration, self-organization and overcoming complexity.

In general, Scrum students face two major challenges that this class addresses:

  • Understanding not only the mechanics of Scrum, but insights into complexity, empiricism and self-organization as essential elements in mastering Scrum.
  • Avoiding common missteps, increases the awareness of the associated symptoms, and gain prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track.

Why Scrum.org?

All Scrum.org courses have a certain consistency from session to session, trainer to trainer. The consistency is around the learning objectives, some of the key objectives, and much of the insights.  The scrum guide and Ken Schwaber point the direction for our courses and the learning objectives are our road map. 

Learning Objectives

Following the APS course, you’ll have learned how to perform the following:

  • Apply Scrum as described in the Scrum Framework.
  • Effectively serve and deliver value as part of a Scrum Team.
  • Identify and overcome common pitfalls and dysfunctions of Scrum.


After completing a Professional Scrum Master course, you’ll receive credentials to take the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment and earn the industry-recognized PSM I Certification. The assessment is outside of class at the student’s convenience.     

Earning your PSM I Certification will make you part of an elite community of 300,000+ PSM I certificate holders.


The APS course is a mix of lecture and interactive exercises within a case study as you collaborate with other students through a series of Sprints:

  • Fundamentals of Scrum
    • Complexity and product development.
    • The base reasons for an agile approach.
    • Exploring the advantages of Agility.
    • Keys to more effective application of an agile mindset.
  • Exploring the Scrum Framework
    • How Scrum roles, artifacts & events relate.
    • Empowerments and limits of the Product Owner.
    • Effective Sprint Planning.
  • Deeper into the Scrum Framework
    • Creating an effective Sprint Goal.
    • Leveraging better Daily Scrums.
    • The intent of Sprint Reviews.
    • Effective Retrospectives.
    • Activities & responsibilities of Scrum Roles.
    • Self-Organizing Teams.
    • A better definition of done.
    • Handling Impediments.
    • Scrum values.
  • Planning with Scrum
    • Guiding principles or predictability.
    • Estimation techniques.
    • Managing product backlogs.
    • Types of release planning.
  • Getting started with Scrum
    • What’s needed for Scrum.
    • Setting the groundwork for adopting better Scrum.
    • Developing a change backlog and approach for enacting improvements.


Anyone working on or with a Scrum Team.


Anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. This course is especially well suited to individuals or teams starting or wanting to improve in Scrum.

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2 Days Course

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