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Agile Scrum Foundation On-Demand


This certification offers a broad understanding of Agile principles and an examination of the Scrum framework – practices and methodologies that are widely used in software development and increasingly in other areas of the business.

It is vital to have both experience and the relevant qualifications to progress in your career. Organizations are increasingly adopting Agile practices and frameworks with Scrum being one of the most popular for developing software and increasingly in other areas. But how do you get up to speed with the thinking behind the framework and gain a firm foundation to build upon as you develop your experience? Adopting new practices can be challenging and confusing both for enterprises and staff, and that’s why gaining an accredited certification that has been tried and tested by many IT professionals could help you start on the right foot.

We offer the 30-day online access pass (60 days is available as well, contact us to learn more about this option).

Please contact us to learn more about the exam.


Module 1 – Agile Way of Thinking

Module 2 – Roles and Events

Module 3 – Scrum Practices

Module 4 – Planning

Module 5 – Estimation

Module 6 – Monitoring

Module 7 – Advanced Scrum Projects

Module 8 – Course Recap and Exam Preparation


This course does not require any existing knowledge of either Agile or Scrum. ​There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam.


The Agile Scrum Foundation is ideal for those working in Project Management, Software development, IT Service Management or Business Management


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