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Advanced JavaScript

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This is a one day seminar we will take a deep dive into core JavaScript features that you must understand for quality JavaScript development. We fill focus on functions and objects. (Functions are objects!)

Functions: Everything you need to know… functions as variables, anonymous functions, the “this” keyword, Arrow functions, Closures, and more…

Objects: Everything in JavaScript is an object… almost. We will start with objects you may not have considered: Window, Navigator, Nodelist vs HTMLCollection and even null. We will explore the various ways that object are created in JavaScript including Prototypes and Classes.”


  • Completion of a MAX coding bootcamp
  • Or equivalent knowledge is required:
    • JavaScript types: number, string, boolean, array, object
    • Basic understanding of:
    • Functions
    • Loops
    • Conditional statements
  • Edge or Chrome

1 Day Course

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