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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Level 2

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The Adobe Dreamweaver Level 2 course takes students through more advanced features of creating a web site. In this 2 day instructor led course students will learn how to work with Dreamweaver behaviors, jquery interactive widgets, web animations and video, to create a more interactive and dynamic experience for their web viewers. Learn how to use the Bootstrap framework to make sites responsive and mobile ready. The class will also work in a simulated design team environment to publish, test and edit a live website.

Upon successful completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Add interactivity with Jquery Widgets and Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Insert HTML5 video
  • Insert web-compatible animation
  • Setup a testing server
  • Introduction to the Bootstrap framework
  • Install and manage Dreamweaver Add-ons
  • Work more efficiently in code view
  • Use the Related Files interface to open and edit related files
  • Define a remote site and use Dreamweaver’s FTP to upload and download files from the web
  • Cloak files on the remote site
  • Synchronize site files
  • Work with others with Dreamweaver’s “Check Out” feature
  • Create a form to collect user information and process email contacts


Lesson 1: Adding Interactivity

  • Learning About Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Previewing the Completed File
  • Working with Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Working with Jquery UI widgets: Styling the Jquery widgets

Lesson 2: Working with Web Animation and Video

  • Understanding Web Animation and Video
  • Previewing the Completed File
  • Adding Web Animation to a Page
  • Adding Web Video to a Page

Lesson 3: Installing Dreamweaver Add-ons

  • Where to find extensions for Dreamweaver
  • How to manage your add-ons

Lesson 4: Publishing to the Web

  • Defining a Remote Site
  • Define a testing server, Cloaking Folders and Files
  • Putting your site Online
  • Synchronizing Local and Remote Sites

Lesson 5: Introduction to the Bootstrap Framework

  • What is Bootstrap and why should we use it
  • Working with Dreamweaver's Bootstrap environment
  • Where to download Bootstrap and how to install it on a web server

Lesson 6: Working within a web-design team

  • Using the check-out feature
  • Synchronizing files with team members
  • Working remotely

Lesson 7: Working with Forms

  • Learning About Forms
  • Adding a Form to a Page
  • Inserting Text Form Elements
  • Inserting Checkboxes
  • Creating Radio Buttons
  • Incorporating Text Areas
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding a Submit Button
  • Specifying a Form Action


Dreamweaver CC Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.


Anyone looking to expand their Dreamweaver skills to work more efficiently and make their websites interactive and dynamic.

2 Days Course

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