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Coding Bootcamps are known for their accelerated timeline and fully immersive weekly schedule. The traditional Monday thru Friday 9-5 schedule can make it challenging for many who must maintain work and family responsibilities. We are proud to offer the only full-stack, part-time, multi-language, JAVA and .NET(C#) Coding Bootcamp in the region. In a handful of evenings and a collection of Saturdays, you can complete our 7-month path to a career as a Software Developer.

The Part-time Coding Bootcamp gives you the freedom to maintain employment, and fulfill family obligations, and allows for a relaxed pace in a manageable weekly schedule. We are currently running this bootcamp virtually and it can be taken from the comfort of your home. 

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The Coding & Career Bootcamp is designed to change your career path and set you on a professional course for success. The Coding Bootcamp is an accelerated Full-stack Bootcamp integrated with the relevant technologies of today and tomorrow. Our career advisors have prepared a holistic and fine-tuned program to give you the confidence you need to impress employers.

In the MAX Bootcamps, you will receive Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence training. You will work on your personal branding and prepare to enter the job market. To learn more about our career services click below. If you’re interested in coding, but you’re not 100% sure it’s for you, click on our Bootcamp Prep button to find free resources to explore coding.




The Part-time Coding & Career Bootcamp is a custom-designed curriculum developed by MAX Senior Instructors and Consultants. The program curriculum is packed with all the technologies listed below. Since our curriculum is not “out-of-the-box”, we adapt new methods, technology, and mix in field-relevant knowledge from our partners. This is the only lifestyle-fitting Coding Bootcamp in the Midwest region. 

In the Part-time multi-language Coding Bootcamp you use all the following technologies:

  • Git/GitHub
  • SQL Database
  • C#/.NET & Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Scrum
  • Hosting
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Angular/Typescript
  • Career Preparation and services
  • Capstone project



The Bootcamp Capstone project is a comprehensive development project that each student is required to create in order to graduate from the boot camp.

It is an enterprise-level web application, a full-stack application with an enterprise-level SQL database back end, an object-oriented middle layer exposed by RESTful Web Services, and an Angular Framework front-end. Each student creates this project throughout the bootcamp writing every line of code themselves while working in and out of class. Students will likely spend from 80 to 120 hours on this project and will leave the bootcamp with this full-stack application as evidence of the foundational development skills they’ve acquired.

The spec for this project is unique to MAX coding bootcamps. It was developed by 3 senior instructors dedicating an estimated 235 hours so that virtually all the topics learned in the boot camp must be applied by students in the capstone project.



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