Accelerated Courses

Skip the intro material, go right to the advanced lessons

Our accelerated courses aren’t a leisurely stroll through the park. They’re designed to skip the scenic route and start you off right at the high-value content, understanding that you don’t need a refresher of the basic material. These courses move at a faster pace with a compressed timeline, all so you can get the knowledge and skills you want, to move on to advanced lessons more quickly.

Within these course, you can expect an agenda that focuses on the most critical learning modules, removing the basic, review-oriented content. As for the amount of time you can expect to save, our accelerated classes reduce a 5-day class to just 3 days, and a 10-day training of two classes is reduced to just 5 days, saving you an entire week.

Available Accelerated Courses

Below you can see a list of the accelerated courses we offer. If there’s a standard course that you’d like to see adapted to an accelerated timeline that isn’t listed below, contact us to find out how we can modify it for your team and learn more about our Custom Training capabilities.

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