Start a New Career in Coding with Cincy Code IT Bootcamp

Cincy Code IT has been placing graduates in coding and coding-related jobs for over 7 years. And the need for more graduates is increasing which makes this the perfect time to start a new career in coding with Cincy Code IT Bootcamp.

7 Years Helping Graduates Start A New Career In Coding!

And a 95% Job Placement Rate!

Software developers / programmers / coders are in high demand in the Cincinnati and Dayton area with over 1,800 open jobs waiting to be filled.

You can become a software developer and claim one of these open positions. Well over a hundred of our graduates have successfully changed their careers through our boot camp.

And guess what? No previous IT experience is required to successfully pass our boot camp and work as a coder.

Our boot camps work for newbies as well as coders with experience in other languages. This is because we’ve been in the IT Training business for nearly 20 years. We know how to transfer knowledge so you are as confident as we are when you leave us for greener pastures. Our instructors not only know their stuff deeply, they love to teach and know how to teach – so you Get IT.

Got it? Good!

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