Kendra Ramirez, Adjunct Instructor

Kendra Ramirez has been a staple of the digital marketing and social media community of professionals for more than 17 years. Her time in sales and recruiting set the stage for her rise as the go-to expert for everything LinkedIn. More than the platform, her focus is helping our career seekers develop their personal brand and owning their story. Her work in social media and digital marketing is key to creating an impactful online identity. The tools and strategies she teaches help our students utilize online platforms like LinkedIn to connect with hiring professionals.  

Kendra has authored multiple inspirational books and her dedication to our students is pivotal to their professional development.  As the owner and founder of the Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency and Reset Co. Her consultation is in high-demand and we value any time we can get for our students. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • Personal branding 
  • Professional/career story development
  • Author

Course Taught

  • .NET/Java Bootcamp Career Training
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