Kait Matthey, Bootcamp Instructor
Coding Instructor

Globetrotter and influencer, Kait Matthey, is MAX's first and only female full-stack instructor. Kait is always on the move and always ready to improve.

Kait has been a Software Engineer at Kroger for three years, quickly jumping from apprentice to tech lead. Her current stack includes Java (Reactor Core), REST, gRPC, SQL, Cypher Query Language, Neo4j, Postegres, and more - with a recent dive into the world of GitHub Actions. As a former high school vocational instructor, Kait taught Digital Design, Digital Media Arts, and Intro to Computer Science. During her time as an instructor, she rounded out her full-stack experience by teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as part of her curriculum.

Kait attended Loyola University Chicago, before having her life plans derailed by illness. Not allowing herself to stop, Kait discovered Apprenti and  MAX Technical Training and graduated from the full-time coding bootcamp in December of 2019. Her story inspired so many people along the way she was featured in a short, regional Emmy-nominated video, titled "From Here to Career", with CET/PBS.

Kait believes in constant improvement and constant learning. She received her Neo4j Certified Associate certificate and is now a published author in a scholarly article regarding the uses of graph databases in simplifying FCC licensing. She pushes her team to have a full-stack understanding of the product they are engineering and has focused heavily on release management and process improvement via automation.

In her personal life, Kait enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, baking, and spending time with her dog (Bandit), cat (Simba), and nephew (Noah). It may be hard to pin down where she'll go next, but you can bet she'll do it with a coffee in hand and a smile on her face.

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