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Andrew Burns

Blurring lines between advocation and vocation Andy Burns the Chief Scrum Master for Siemens PLM Software periodically teaches public courses on Agile. 

Burns’ courses are infused with real-life, road tested technique. 

Professionally Burns is a servant leader to 1,200+ software engineers and more than 100 Scrum Masters developing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.  Burns’ teams build Products that design everything from the spacecraft carrying our hopes and dreams to the heavens, to the shoes on our children’s feet. This range of capabilities requires frameworks and processes from Lean, Agile at Scale, and multiple other disciplines.  As coach and mentor Burns brings experience and skill in all these areas to teams and students.

Impassioned by professional success driven by agility Burns insists, “I learn from the students in every class.  That is how it should be!”  Acquire practical new skills from a practitioner, lifelong-learner, methodologist, and management consultant when attending any of Burns’ sessions. 

Visit Andy Burns’ LinkedIn Profile to read numerous student Recommendations.  Opportunity awaits, come and join!   

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