Student Services Administrator


JOB TITLE: Student Services Administrator

REPORTS TO:  Director of Operations

Job Description: 

The Student Services Administrator many times is the first person anyone sees or talks to at MAX.   The Student Services Administrator is busy; handles a lot of tasks within the operations team from client PR, student administration and some other general office support.  The Student Services Administrator will also be a part of every step in the process of a client taking a class at MAX; from scheduling a class in our database for students to register, to buying the courseware for the class and finishing the process with the last step of creating their certificate of completion.  They will also oversee the facility’s breakroom making sure that it is clean and that we have enough food and coffee for the students to enjoy. 

To perform well in this role, you must be self-motivated, possess strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, be proficient in Office applications (Outlook, Word, and Excel), and adapt readily to new technology.  Must enjoy being part of a team, have a great smile and be upbeat all the time.

Salary $50,000 + benefits. 

This role may require job-related tasks other than those specifically mentioned.


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