Managing through the ‘Corrective Lens’ of Strengths

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6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


An engaging discussion on the output of the Gallup Strengths.

Managing people. Complex. Invigorating. Frustrating. Rewarding. This 45-minute seminar on April 21st from 6p – 7p will stimulate and re-calibrate our mindset as we adjust our focus to see through the lens of natural strengths. We authentically lead ‘auto-pilot’ through our own strengths. What if we acknowledge the value of each individual’s strength and potential contribution and invite and allow people to lead in their area of strength? What does that look like in task assignment? Formulation of teams? Performance review?

Get visible results by leveraging your team’s strengths practically, effectively; both personally and on projects.

This event is presented by Annette Ballard, a trusted advisor and career coach at MAX, with more than two decades of experience. In her Strengths workshop she will cover:

  • Adjusting focus to strengths lens
  • Looking first in our own mirror; managing through balcony and basement of our own strength(s) to include robust dose of self-awareness for correct, palatable communication
  • Practical applications:
  • Aligning teams (team dynamic): identifying potential quicksand / hiccups /speed bumps
  • Leveraging strengths in performance review
  • Keeping strengths activated in culture as an effective tool


This session will discuss the outputs of the Gallup Strengths. Have you taken the Strengths? For maximum ROI, you will want to have your outputs readily available. Would you like to take the Gallup Strengths assessment?

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