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7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

MAX Technical Training


Intro to JavaScript (Beginner Level)

  • Tuesdays in April


    Price: $90.00 /per person

    JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language for a reason — it’s the primary way to build interaction on the web. Learning JavaScript is a logical next step once you’ve learned HTML/CSS.

    Many programming courses end up glossing over some of the tricky words — ‘variable’, ‘object’, ‘method’ — this course is especially designed for beginners new to programming concepts, so you’ll learn to program with JavaScript. If those words are confusing to you now, no worries! You’re exactly who we want to teach.

    In this class, we will be covering: basic development concepts, JavaScript, dynamic HTML, and animations and events. Students will exit this class with a good grasp of basic programming principles and the knowledge of how to manipulate HTML elements.

    This 4-class series runs over four Tuesdays:

    Class 1: Tuesday, April 4th from 7-9pm – Introduction to JavaScript and Basic Programming Concepts
    An overview of the history of JavaScript, what it is, and how it interacts with the browser. Covers basic JavaScript concepts including variables and data types

    Class 2: Tuesday, April 11th from 7-9pm – Functions and Control Flow
    Introduces functions, boolean variable, and if/then/else statements.

    Class 3: Tuesday, April 18th from 7-9pm – Loops, Arrays, and Objects
    Introduces more complex programing concepts, including loops, arrays, objects, and methods.

    Class 4: Tuesday, April 25th from 7-9pm – Introduction to the DOM
    Introduces the Document Object Model (DOM) and how to use JavaScript to interact with it. Includes finding and modifying nodes, events, and listening functions.

    Please keep in mind that there may be homework between classes. It’s never mandatory to complete but certainly highly encouraged. Make sure you have time available in between classes to spend completing the homework. This is the best way to learn these concepts!


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