Coding Bootcamp Open House | Virtual Info Session

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


You are weeks away from pursuing your career in IT.  Join us for our Bootcamp Breakdown to learn about MAX Career Bootcamps and begin your journey in a new IT career. 

MAX is home to Cincinnati’s premier Coding Bootcamp. Our full-stack accelerated coding Bootcamps are focused on creating well-rounded developers capable in the most sought-after technologies. Join other career seekers who want to learn about our career bootcamp opportunities in our monthly virtual information event. 

During our event you will meet our instructors, talk to our alumni, and consider a coding bootcamp for your future. Give us one hour to share how we make your bootcamp experience special. Here is what you can expect to learn in our virtual event:

• What’s happening in the IT job market?

• What is a MAXIMUM Coding Bootcamp?

• Which Bootcamp career path is right for you?

• What is it like attending a bootcamp?

• How do I apply?

• Landing the job of your dreams

If you have questions about coding and wonder if software development is for you. Join us for our knowledge session and also check out our Bootcamp Prep page full of get-to-know coding resources.

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