Business Analysis – Top 10 Requirements Elicitation Techniques Workshop

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1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

MAX Technical Training


There are a myriad of requirements elicitation techniques and it’s doubtful that any single one will always work for you. Although some may advocate… just one elicitation technique… it is generally accepted that one approach cannot possibly be suitable for all projects. So how do you decide which will give you the most bang for your buck, and why?

Your organization’s makeup, political climate, the nature of your project, and your personal strengths and preferences will have a lot to do with which techniques work best for you.

Join us for a presentation on the top 10 techniques that analysts of nearly any experience or skill level can do, and that nearly always deliver a great return on their investment.

During this session we will discuss the pros and cons of these popular elicitation techniques:

  1. Interviewing
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Surveys
  4. Brainstorming
  5. Requirements Workshops
  6. Process Modeling
  7. Observation
  8. Prototyping
  9. Document Analysis
  10. Reverse Engineering

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