Guided Learning

When learned knowledge becomes meaningful action

Guided Learning

At MAX, we live for those moments when new knowledge helps people hit milestones and reach IT objectives.

Our curated training programs, accelerated learning timelines, and industry-leading instructors want to see your team celebrate wins and achieve personal victories. Which means we can go beyond the classroom and right to guiding the follow-through action.

Guided Learning

The best coaches and mentors know that results come from putting lessons learned into practice—and that’s where MAX comes in. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about running laps or the kind of training that involves push ups.

We know you wouldn’t have invested in your employee’s training if you weren’t serious about them growing their abilities, which is why we want to personally help them apply their new knowledge and skills.

Here are a number of ways we can do that.

Plan a follow-up

  • One of our subject matter experts can stop in to assist your staff in-person

Give us a call

  • An instructor can remain on-call to answer questions and give advice after your class is over

Kickstart a project

  • Gain the benefits of a MAX expert to coach your team through a project, applying what they’ve learned


Want to make sure the knowledge your employees learn at MAX transfers into their everyday? Fill out a few details in the form and we’ll start planning our trip.

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