Global IT Training

MAX delivers targeted training nationally and globally to support enterprise clients whether that be large scale IT rollouts, migrations or integrations or end-user training in office.


Flexibility, Adaptability, Around-The-Clock Training

We know that global clients have the added issue of significant time differences and we’ve successfully overcome that obstacle by delivering training around the clock with a combination of in person, instructor-led training, virtual, live instructor-led training, and eLearning or On-Demand training. Should you desire it, our instructors will travel to you and train your employees in your offices, or close-by in your city.

On-site training anywhere in the world.

Your employees learn where they work using your own projects as teaching examples. MAX is portable. Our instructors can setup classrooms and teach anywhere in the world

We work with you to craft a training plan and schedule that works with your goals and objectives. 

We have years of experience in delivering targeted training all over the world for clients because our home-base city of Cincinnati is home to the nation’s largest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita. But we aren’t snobs. Even if you don’t call Cincinnati home, we’re still happy to consult with you and help you find the training combination that will meet your objectives.
MAX is a founding partner of the EPIC Learning Network, a North American consortium on independently owned and operated IT training centers in the United States and Canada who have all committed to a consistent and uniform level of training excellence.

Learn more about our partners and learning network.

Do you have people in multiple locations to train? Let’s talk. You share your objectives and we’ll share our experience and help you determine your best pathway to success.

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