Custom IT Training in Louisville

Custom IT Training in Louisville

Get relevant skills upgrades for your team – at the perfect pace

If you figure out a way to add more minutes to the day, and days to the week, we’ll be first in line asking you how you did it. Short of figuring out time travel, we do have the next best thing: capitalizing on the efficiency and effectiveness of the time your team spends with us with Custom IT Training in Louisville.

Half of our education deliveries are Custom / Private

For nearly 20 years we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create best-in-class learning programs. And we’ve gotten really good at it.

We provide clients with specific training solutions to achieve targeted goals and achieve measurable results. That means identifying the most relevant content for your team and delivering it on the timeline you have to maximize your return on investment.

For instance, we can cherry-pick specific parts out of several different courses to create a custom learning solution. In addition, let’s say you need eLearning along with an Instructor-Led course – and you want to include a post-course follow up via our Guided Learning. Done.

Bottom line, we love getting specific requests. Believe us, we’re up for the challenge.


24 Custom Topics Delivered

We do custom all the time. Check out these custom courses we’ve developed and delivered

Custom Agile Training in Louisville
  • Agile Overview and Gap Analysis
  • Agile Executive Overview
  • Agile Improvement Analysis
  • Agile Skill Development
Custom Application Development Training in Louisville
  • Javascript and jQuery Mobile Development
  • Object Oriented Programming
Custom Business Analysis & Project Management Training in Louisville
  • Advanced Business Analysis
  • Business Analysis Essentials
  • Project Management – Agile – ITIL®
  • User Story Workshop
Custom Cloud Computing in Louisville
  • Cloud: Introduction to Cloud Computing for IT Workers
Custom Data Administration and Analysis Training in Louisville
  • Big Data Introduction and Consulting
  • Hadoop Administration
  • Pivot Charts, Tables & PowerPivot
Custom Cybersecurity, IS Security Training in Louisville
  • Information Security Awareness for IT staff
Custom IT Operations Training in Louisville
  • DevOps Overview
Custom ITIL® Training in Louisville
  • CAPM Skill Development and Exam Prep
  • ITIL® Service Management
Custom End User Training in Louisville
  • Lync/Skype for Business Enterprise Voice
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel and Excel Programming with VBA
  • Pivot Charts, Tables & PowerPivot
Custom SharePoint Training in Louisville
  • Introduction to SharePoint for IT Professionals
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server for Site Owners / Power Users – Advanced

MAX’s 6 steps to building your custom learning solution


Custom Delivery Stories

1. Goal Achieved: Successful, Smooth IT Transition by Coordinating New Skills Training with IT Rollouts

We delivered customized hands-on Lync workshops with 3 sessions a day, 2 hours each, coordinated with the client’s IT rollouts. Immediately after employees returned from their new skills training, they found  their IT department had Lync installed on the desktop, ready for their use.

By collaborating with the client’s IT Department, we were able to time the training sessions for optimal effectiveness.


2. Goal Achieved: Reduced Employee Anxiety and Resistance to Change  – with Education

Our client was going to migrate systems to “the cloud” and was experiencing a high level of resistance and anxiety from their workforce. Working hand-in-hand with the client’s IT Integration team, we developed a custom education plan that brought a common vocabulary and vision of what working “securely in the cloud” would look like for their global IT team. Our learning solution included tailor-made instructional content, examples, and workbooks. Delivery was customized to fit local, national, and international locales. Read the story.


3. Goal Achieved: Improved IT Management’s Technical Acumen for Enhanced Staff Communications

We developed a three-pronged curriculum approach for this client’s nationwide team of IT managers, enabling them to better connect with and understand their developer staff. Our learning solution included:

  • An executive overview on Scrum and Agile
  • A “Java for IT Managers” Course
  • A “Basic Web Design” course for IT Managers

Have a big initiative or hurdle on the horizon? We’re ready for the challenge. Simply start the conversation by filling out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch within one business day to see how we can help.


Get a custom-made boot camp for streamlined learning

Our boot camps are an immersive learning experience with an accelerated timeline. Clients make this request for a host of different reasons, whether you need to get new hires producing like veterans or everyone up and running on a new technology platform, we can give you a laser-focused boot camp like no other.

What makes an effective boot camp?

At the end of the day, you want your staff to walk away eager to put their new talents, skills, and understanding to the test. To achieve this, we make sure our boot camps create the best environment for comprehension and retention, often by combining multiple delivery and instruction methods.

For this reason, no two custom boot camps are alike; they’re built especially for you. Tossing one-size-fits-all out the window, we’ll work with you to create a learning event that delivers the outcomes you want in the budget you have.


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