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Microsoft Office | IMAP Approved

Companies around the world rely on technically capable professionals who are skilled in basic and advanced computer skills. Microsoft is a gateway technology that can lead to career advancement, professional certifications, and increased value on the job market. We have been a Microsoft Partner for more than fifteen years and our dedicated Microsoft training staff has the experience you need to accelerate your career. These are courses included in the Skilled Workforce Training Program

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Word Level 1: Foundations
  • Microsoft Outlook Level 1: Communications and Calendar
  • Microsoft Excel Level 1: Foundations
  • Microsoft Excel Level 2: Analyzing and Presenting Data
  • Microsoft OneNote Level 1
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online Productivity Apps
  • Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive / Teams
  • Lab / Q&A
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  • Strengths Finders Workshop

The courses may be taken in any order based on scheduling but any sequenced courses must be taken in the designed order.



Prerequisites for this program include demonstrated knowledge of basic computing terminology and tasks, Windows operating systems, and file management.



This program is designed for anyone interested in working in a business office, corporate location, or anyplace that has a desk and a computer. The novice computer user will learn how to be effective in the most common and essential Office products, the self-taught computer user will gain a more complete understanding of the capabilities and use of the tools, and the experienced computer user will discover shortcuts, tips, and “a-ha!” features. All anyone needs is a desire to learn and a willingness to practice. Stay-at-home parents re-entering the workforce, displaced workers from any field or industry, and people who want to grow into a job or career that fulfills their potential.



We want to help you choose the right training that will match your career goals. Our advisors will guide you through the process of first, selecting your training, second, help you successfully complete the application process, and third, we will make sure there are no barriers to receiving or completing the training. 

Open-minded learners who have the drive to make a life-changing decision will be successful in any of our IMAP programs. We want to uplift people in the Greater Cincinnati community by making it easy to get the training and funding you need to create an exciting future in IT.


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