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FAQ about Coding Bootcamp  –

Why should I choose to enroll in an IT bootcamp?

Why do you offer full-stack coding bootcamps in either .Net or Java?

What kind of certifications will I get?

You keep mentioning your great placement rate.  What’s that all about?

So how long can I expect it will take before I get my first job?

Do I need a computer?

When should I apply?

Do I need any experience to apply?

What is the process for applying to an IT bootcamp?

How much do each of the boot camps cost?

Why should I choose to enroll in coding bootcamp powered by MAX?

Good question. We take great pride in our bootcamper graduates’ success, knowing that besides their hard work, intelligence and tenacity, we have been essential in launching their new careers with:

  1. Our targeted curriculum that matches what employers want
  2. Highly qualified instructors who have worked as developers and who understand “how” to teach adults
  3. Project-Based Learning, there’s no better way to put all the pieces together
  4. Friendly, supportive, yet demanding culture
  5. State of the art environment that is built specifically for learning IT
  6. Career advice, coaching and assistance from an expert, IT Career Coach
  7. Excellent relationships with employers, built over 20 years by delivering education for their IT department employees

Why do you offer full-stack coding bootcamps in either .Net or Java?

MAX currently offers Java and .Net full-stack bootcamps for the simple reason that our clients in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metro tell us they need developers with those skills.  These companies are actively seeking our graduates for hire.

100% of 2018 graduates eligible for placement are working in a technology role.

Are you interested in another language, framework or technology? We plan to expand, so if you are interested in something else, give us a call.  We’re all ears!  

Note: The entire syllabus for both the .Net and Java bootcamps will be provided to you once you begin the application process.

What kind of certifications will I get in this coding bootcamp?

Our Java bootcamp includes instruction in Agile / Scrum and you may then take a the PSF certification exam to earn your Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) certification. Being Agile / Scrum certified is highly sought after in the development community! 

The .Net bootcamp’s curriculum enables you to take the Microsoft certification exam for either the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) or Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam.  Your instructor and you will discuss which certification is most appropriate for you.

You keep mentioning your great placement rate.  What’s that all about?

MAX takes pride in placing bootcamp grads with great companies. Our current job placement rate (as of 7/1/2018) is 98.7% – which means that 98.7% of our graduates land their new jobs within 90 days of their graduation.

Let’s be honest—getting your first job as a computer programmer after a 3-month bootcamp takes a HUGE effort. Our career counselors specialize in working with you one on one, as well as with your cohort, helping you build an impactful resume, showcasing your projects on GitHub or the site of your choice, interviewing skillfully, and networking your way to a new job. And we don’t stop there. We bring employers TO YOU. Employers and community leaders come out to meet you at our “Meet & Greet” event held at the end of the bootcamp.

So how long can I expect it will take before I get my first coding job?

That depends on a lot of variables.  On average, our grads land a new position within the first 2 to 4 months following bootcamp.  You want a great resume, strong interviewing skills, and the ability to showcase your projects, demonstrating your coding skillset.

Do I need a computer for coding bootcamp?

We will supply a PC laptop for the duration of the bootcamp, loaded with the software needed for the program and serviced by our IT Support.

When should I apply for coding bootcamp?

Admissions for all programs are being done on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the better.

Do I need any experience to apply for coding bootcamp?

We have students enrolled  who have no IT background at all.  They have not had any prior courses, or work experience.  But they really need to have a true passion for coding, and feel excited about becoming software developers.

To that end, the most effective way to know whether coding is for you is to start doing it!  We ask each boot camp candidate to try out some coding before you apply to the program. Once you start talking with us, we can send you some pre-work to help you decide if this is for you. Whether you take free online classes from a site such as Code Academy or Lynda.com, attend coding workshops through Girl Develop IT or Cincinnati Software Enthusiasts, or volunteer at a community non-profit with a team of more experienced developers, you need to know if this will rock your world!  You can read some books or attend a User Group meeting in JavaScript or create a new website with a friend.  Whatever you do, we’re going to ask you why you want to embark on this journey, and be sure you’re set up for success! 

What is the process for applying to coding bootcamp ?

  1. First, we’d like you to complete our online form so we can schedule a time to talk to you, learn about your interest, answer your questions and see where you are on the learning curve.
  2. Next, we’ll send you some pre-work, depending on your experience, to help you decide if coding is for you
  3. Once we’ve determined this is a good career match for you, we’ll have you come in and meet with our Career Coach and take a short test to determine your current aptitude level. (no worries, this isn’t a coding test – and there’s no need to study for it.)
  4. Finally, we have you complete our enrollment forms, along with the $125.00 (non-refundable) application fee.

How much do each of the coding boot camps cost?

Tuition for our 11 week bootcamps is $14,000 which can be financed through SkillsFund or paid by check or credit card. You can use your GI Bill for our developer bootcamps.

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