What is the first day of bootcamp like?

Intro Embarking on any life-changing journey comes with unfamiliar territory. The first day of Coding Bootcamp is the beginning of something special. To help reduce some of the nerves that come with any unfamiliar situation, we wanted to shed some light on the first day of bootcamp. Getting to know your classmates and establishing a […]

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New Windows 10 class added

MS-20698 Installing And Configuring Windows 10 This 5 day instructor led course provides IT professionals with the knowledge and skills required to install and configure Windows 10 desktops in a Windows Server small to medium-sized AD DS domain environment. These skills include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems and apps, configure […]

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New M2 Healthcare & Cloud classes added

M2-CPCE  Certified PowerCLI Engineer If you want to spend more time enjoying your hobbies then this course is for you! This 2 day instructor led hands on course starts with the basics needed for a great foundation in making your life easier as a vSphere administrator! Even if you have never used PowerCLI this course is for […]

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New M2 IS20 Security class added

M2-IS20 IS20 Security Controls Certification Course This 3 day instructor led training course covers proven tools and methodologies needed to execute and analyze the Top Twenty Most Critical Security Controls. Nearly all organizations containing sensitive information are adopting these Security Controls, listed below, as the highest priority list of what must be substantiated before anything […]

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Auto-populated Choice Columns in SharePoint!

This was tested in SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Had a list with 100,000 items with a State column. I found that some of my users did not know their state abbreviations. (KE is Kentucky?) After cleaning up the “nonstandard” states, I decided to convert the column from Single Line of Text to Choice. Magic! After […]

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