Graduate Reviews

An amazing experience – Joey Squires, 2016 JAVA Boot Camp Graduate

I attended the Java Bootcamp from March – April in 2016 and I just have to say what an amazing experience it was. Chuck Suscheck was an absolutely wonderful instructor and did a fantastic job of making sure every student got the individual attention they needed. Whether it be someone struggling with the basics or keeping the more advanced students engaged after they finished the assigned work he did a fantastic job at all of it. Even when students were finishing all of the assigned work he was able to come up with more difficult exercises to keep them busy while the others caught up. I highly recommend the Java bootcamp to anybody looking to start a career in Java Programming.

Exceptional Instruction. – David Bales, Assoc App Analyst and Developer, 2016 JAVA Bootcamp Graduate

I attended the JAVA bootcamp through my work as a way to jumpstart a new career. I went in apprehensive about how much I would learn in 8 weeks, but I was wrong. It was a great program with exceptional instruction from Dr. Suscheck. He strived to make sure everyone had something to work on and challenge them, no matter their skill level. I had taken a couple JAVA classes in college and did not learn nearly as much as I did in this bootcamp. I feel I have a very good grasp on the concepts and tools to help me succeed in my new career. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a new career in JAVA development.

Jump Start Your Coding Career. –  Ian Witt, Application Developer, 2012  JAVA Boot Camp Graduate

The course is designed to take someone with no technical skills and turn them into a programmer. It does just that. Over the course of three months you will learn to read, write and debug code.

Think of this as jump starting your coding career. Once you get a job in IT and start working, you will quickly realize that there is a mountain of knowledge out there you don’t yet know, but that’s okay. Programming is an ever-changing world that requires constant learning.

More than just a class, a way to get a career – Daniel Ortega, 2015 .NET Bootcamp Graduate

The Cincy Code IT boot camp was more than just a class it was a way to get a career. First the instructor was great. He knew so much that there was never a question that he couldn’t answer. He was clear with his lectures and never condescending. Second the “job mom”, Lisa, helped us with resume building, facilitating meet and greets where prospective employers do interviewing on site, LinkedIn profile building, and in my case job placement. Other amenities provided were laptops, books, and they even kept us fed with snacks and drinks throughout the day. Life’s too short to spend four years trying to keep up with technology instead of experiencing bleeding edge technology and being able to use it in real life within a few weeks of completion of this class.

Amazing and Instructive Boot Camp – Chas Locey, Application Analyst and Developer, 2013 .NET Boot Camp Graduate

I was part of the 2013 .NET Developer Bootcamp class, and I can say it has helped change my career. I joined with only a Degree in Marketing, with no knowledge of coding, and now I’m working with a great company and using the coding knowledge that I learned here.

The teacher was amazing an helped me learn a lot. The learning curve was a struggle for me but my teacher helped me stick with it and understand the issues I was struggling with. The staff was great as well, free breakfast every morning, and everyone was super nice and helpful. I was already placed at a job before I started this class, but some of my other classmates were not. The staff there worked hard to help find jobs for my other classmates that didn’t have them! I highly recommend this to anyone.

Full-Stack Bootcamp with Career Management Assistance! – Tom Arend, 2015 .NET Boot Camp Graduate (formerly Stay-At-Home Father)

If you are looking to learn FullStack Web Development, this bootcamp is what you want. Top employers in the area send their people here to be trained. So not only do you gain technical knowledge, you also get to network with people who may become your co-workers. The instructor is fantastic. He is knowledgeable, patient, and has a true passion for teaching. The after care is tremendous. You will have a career manager that goes above and beyond to guide you to employment.

I can’t praise this program enough.

This Coding Bootcamp Covers Everything. David Greensfelder, Application Developer, 2014 Boot Camp Graduate, former Technology Services Manager

This bootcamp takes you through all the aspects of .Net Development. The items covered include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C#, ADO.NET and ASP.NET. We briefly covered JQuery, Agile Development, LINQ, AJAX, and MVC. The boot camp was about 9 weeks long. You will have a career advisor that will help with, resume writing, LinkedIn formatting, and interviewing techniques. After the 9 weeks there will be a reverse job fair so you can show off your skills to companies. In all this is a great program with great people. I would highly recommend this bootcamp.

Best Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp in Cincinnati! – Will Thomas, Senior Test Analyst, 2015  .NET Boot Camp Graduate

My nine week Cincy Code IT .Net Boot Camp was a wonderful experience and the best method for me to learn full “Stack Development” at one time. The facilities staff, our instructor & career coach were all knowledgeable and caring with the gift of being able to teach. As a result of this course of study I was able to obtain employment within 2 weeks after our onsite “Meet and Greet” with potential employers. My new job is with a great company with a substantial pay raise. The hard work required to complete Cincy IT Boot Camp was well worth the effort and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in development and who is ready to work hard and make a commit to learn.

CODE IT started my new Career! – Brian Davis, Assoc. Applications Developer and Analyst, 2013 .NET Boot Camp Graduate

When downsized from my career as a distribution manager (with no computer experience), I was able to attend the .NET Developer bootcamp and earned my Microsoft certification in Beginning Web Development. Because the school has such a great program and close ties to local employers, I was hired by a large local insurance company on the last day of our class. In fact, my class had a 100% hire rate.

Patrick, our instructor was PHENOMINAL! He was able to teach and explain the concepts, languages, and systems clearly, and brought it down to the level where “non-IT” people could grasp the material. His use of humor and the ability to relate well with everyone made the hard stuff fun and attainable.

Our class – .NET Web Apprenticeship program / certification covered an introduction to: C#, T-SQL, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, JavaScript, JQuery, MVC, Entity Data, and JQuery Mobile as well as use of Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio and Aptana3.

If you are looking to move to the IT field, or need new skills, this is a great program and I greatly recommend it. The whole MAX / Code IT team will treat you like royalty too.

Great Opportunity – Donald Carson, Application Analyst and Developer, 2013 .NET Boot Camp Graduate

This bootcamp provided a well rounded basis of learning and with a large network of employer contacts, gave me the opportunity to shift my career into IT successfully.

The entire staff was always 100% behind me, ready to assist in any way they could.

I definitely owe my thanks to this program.

Best Experience Ever – Ron Schuermann,  Programmer Analyst, 2013 .NET Boot Camp Graduate

I was in comuter programming in college, and this was a perfect opportunity to get back into programming for me. The facilities are top notch, and the teacher was the best. The clalss was a lot of fun, and we learned a LOT of new technologies. I was able to turn that into a my current job with a Fortune 500 company in Cincinnati. My classmates and I still get together a couple timjes a year to catch up and see how everyone is doing. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

The Adjustment Has Been Easier Than I Thought… – Becky Joubert, Associate Application Analyst and Developer, 2012 JAVA Boot Camp Graduate, formerly a Bank Teller

When I was working as a bank teller I wasn’t satisfied. I had majored in art and this program was great because I felt like my creative learning was applicable. I know it can be scary at first and you may question leaving whatever situation you’re in. But for me it was worth getting all of the information thrown at me and the adjustment has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Anyone who’s considering this program – I suggest that they do it.

An Intense Learning Experience – Holly Parker, Associate Applications Analyst & Developer, 2012 JAVA Boot Camp Graduate, formerly an Amusement Park Supervisor

The first week of the program I wasn’t entirely sure what I got myself into. There was a lot of information being thrown at me and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna pick up on it. So yeah, it was stressful but it was good. I felt like I was actually doing something. I felt like I was learning and using my brain that I hadn’t been doing in my previous job.

Be Prepared To Think and You’ll Be Alright. – Anthony Beck, Associate Software Developer, 2012 JAVA Boot Camp Graduate, formerly an Insurance Claims Processor

When I first heard about the apprentice developer program I was sitting at my desk as a claims processor doing a very mundane job. My advice for anybody considering taking on the challenge; definitely do it. Go in with an open mind and without any expectations and be prepared to think that you can’t continue – and eventually a light up bulb will go off and you’ll be alright.

A Fresh Start… – Tom Groh, Associate Software Developer, 2012 JAVA Boot Camp Graduate, formerly a Landscape Architect | Stay-At-Home Dad

What appealed to me most about the program was that it was an opportunity for a fresh start. It was really time for me to get back in to the workforce. Going into the program those first few weeks…it was pretty intense, but you got used to it and we grew and had a lot of camaraderie. I am doing something that I never thought I would be doing and I’m learning something new every day. I think it’s working out really well for me

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