Employer Reviews

MAX Technical Training has offered corporate IT training for staff and consulting for IT managers for over 20 years. Here’s what a few of our regional employers have to say about IT developer training and bootcamps.

  • Cincy Code IT KChamberlain

    Karen A. Chamberlain, Sr. VP & CIO, Western & Southern Financial Group

    The city of Cincinnati is expanding a boot camp program to train candidates with little to no IT background to become certified application developers on two key software platforms. After the first class was completed, 90 percent of participants were hired with annual salaries as high as $80,000.

  • Cincy Code IT Piyush Singh

    Piyush Singh, Former CIO, Great American Insurance

    You have to really look at this from a business standpoint, not purely technology…the needs are growing on an everyday basis and sometimes it feels exponential. If you really look at the demand and the supply, demand is outpacing supply. This is not an episodic event for us. This is something that can really create a long term supply chain for us of building talent and then hiring talent from the local pool, bringing those people in and incorporating them as part of normal work life.

  • Cincy Code IT Greg Toebbe

    Greg Toebbe, Sr. Vice President, Great American Insurance

    What we found is that every one of them has been successful and that was really unexpected! I expected that maybe one or two would find out that they weren’t the right fit, but every one of them seems to be enjoying it and their managers and their colleagues are all very happy with them. They came from a lot of different backgrounds and they brought things on board where they had done something else which was also a bonus.

  • Cincy Code IT Greg Witzgall

    Greg Witzgall, Divisional Vice President, Great American Insurance

    The Development Program is kind of a win-win and I encourage other companies to open their eyes to the fact that you can take a person who’s unemployed or underemployed and hungry and has the aptitude and you can take that person and they will stay with you forever. I mean they will want to be with you forever. We feel that way. The proof’s in the pudding.

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