.NET Coding Bootcamp in Dayton

.NET Coding Bootcamp in Dayton

Our .NET Coding Bootcamp  (C# Coding Bootcamp) is a full-stack bootcamp that has been transitioning boot campers into employed developers since we first started code camps in 2012. Our facility is located in Mason, Ohio. See where our graduates have landed: Boot camp graduates’ first jobs after graduation.


Instructors who know how to teach technology and who care

You know how in sports it’s the coach that matters most? Well, it’s the same for technical training. You will be in excellent, caring hands all the way with your MAX boot camp instructors.

We know because we are in our 20th year teaching technical skills to adults as part of MAX Technical Training, right here in the Greater Dayton area.

Your instructor will be highly qualified and practiced at coding and teaching. And you’ll be supported every step of the by the entire MAX team; instructors, career coaches, education advisors, operations and hospitality staff. Everyone here loves to help people learn and grow into their new careers. We know that shows in the classroom – and in the confidence, you will have in your new skills upon graduation.

And that’s what makes it all worthwhile for us.

Career Coaching & Job Placement Assistance

When you join one our .NET Coding Bootcamp you will be ready for your new career in software development – as a .NET Developer (C#) – in just 11 weeks – and will receive the placement assistance needed to help you land your first job.

We’ve been building relationships with IT employers for decades and so they know we have the technical prowess, the instructional skills and the passion it takes to guide you through an intensive, immersive .NET bootcamp.

As a bootcamper, you will be plugged into this impressive employer network and get an additional week of training filled with Career Coaching and Job Placement Assistance.

According to Stack Overflow 2019 Developer Survey, Full-Stack Web Development is the most popular developer occupation today. It’s no surprise then that our MAX Coding Bootcamp graduates have been so successful at landing and keeping their new jobs.

What You Will Learn in our .NET Bootcamp

Full-stack means you will learn both front and back-end development in this 11-week immersion bootcamp. The technologies taught in our full-stack coding bootcamp in .NET include:

C# .NET with Visual Studio

Source control with Git/GitHub

Understanding and Applying Basic / Advanced Concepts:

  • Data Types
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Methods
  • Classes/Objects
  • Collections
  • Interfaces
  • Dependency Injection

SQL Server Database Development

  • Database design with SQL CREATE, ALTER, DROP
  • Stored Procedures & Views

Web Development

  • Angular & Typescript
  • Understanding of HTTP
  • Understanding of HTML5 / CSS 3
  • JavaScript / jQuery / Bootstrap
  • LINQ, Entity Framework
  • Understanding of ASP.NET MVC5 and Web Forms
  • Hosting with Microsoft Azure

Business / Soft Skills Acquired

  • Interviewing
  • LinkedIn & Social Media
  • Effective Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creating a great resume


$14,000. You’ll be ready for your new career in 11 weeks!

Our all-inclusive tuition Includes:

  • Instructor-led classroom learning Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm 
  • MAX Technical Training laptop packaged with all software materials and hardware needed for the duration of the program
  • One week of comprehensive job placement coaching and assistance based on the needs of each job seeker

IT Bootcamp Financing Available.

Coding Bootcamps are powered by MAX Technical Training. MAX has been training individuals in IT since 1998 and is approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (#1957).

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