What is the MAX Alumni group?

Each MAX Career Bootcamps forms a special bond between the students in class together, a bootcamp cohort.  Whether virtual or in-person. The intense training that takes place over 13-weeks contains times of challenge, relying on classmates, and making it through the experience together. Each cohort is unique in the way they connect. Undoubtably, this can be the beginning to your professional network.

MAX Alumni are a harmonious network of professionals in the business community that share the same experience and are the representation of what the next dynamic bootcamper can be like. Our Alumni have carved out a special space for MAX in the business community. Our Alumni are known for delivering on the promise of fresh technology talent and a trusted source for reliable professionals. The career training and emotional intelligence is evident in our graduates. There is a MAX standard of bootcamp graduate, and our alumni are the reason for that standard.

The MAX Bootcamp Alumni group was created to be alumni lead, technology stimulated conversation, and a source for potential professional growth.  Many of our Alumni are working at companies with opportunities and more bootcamp cohorts are graduating each year.  The Alumni group is also a channel to deliver on the potential of a perfect storm of connections and opportunity.

We encourage our Alumni to join the Alumni Group on LinkedIn when you start the bootcamp.  This will give you an opportunity to learn or contribute to the group and to begin to grow your network. You will receive the bootcamp Alumni group information when you start the bootcamp. You can check out the MAX Alumni Group on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13973523/.

The MAX Alumni group is more than an online community, it is a real professional network, to help support your professional goals.

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