What is Power BI?

What is Power BI? 

It’s a new integrated information analytics system from Microsoft that’s speeding up information flow and decision making.  It’s keeping businesses ahead of the game instead of trying to catch up to their competitors.  

The BI stands for Business Intelligence.  In our world today, information is currency.  It has a tangible value that can change in minutes when affected by outside factors and inside decision making.  Power BI lets users harness all of the information available to them in one interface that can be shared between users and decision-makers across desks, departments, and locations.  There is nothing worse than getting a data-driven insight too late to increase revenue.  Power BI lets you create reports, collaborate and find those insights while they still have real-world value.

How does Power BI work?  It comes in three main components.

The Power BI Desktop is the anchor of the system.  A tour from Microsoft can be found here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/desktop-getting-started  The Power BI Desktop allows you to take the steps you need to find and create actionable business intelligence. 

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They include:

     Connecting to data, from single or multiple data sources.  You can import information internally or from the web.  You are in control of how broad or narrow your basic data is, allowing you to gain big picture insights or drill down to detail-related decisions.

   Next comes the most important step to success.  You use the built-in data models to create data visualization with charts and graphs and then generate action-driven reports to take advantage of the new insights while the market is still hot.  You control the questions and the base data to shape your decision making with the information that matters.

   Once you create your reports, you can share them with any audience you choose through the Power BI Service. This online tool lets you control who sees your data and gives them the opportunity to collaborate by adding their own data and insights.  Harness the power of your staff and other collaborators to make relevant decisions quickly and have complete mission buy-in by allowing team members to participate in the process.

  All of this information can be accessed and shared by the Power BI Mobile App so your information and insights are always at your fingertips.  Is there a last-minute change that changes the calculus right before a meeting?  You will not be caught off guard with the Power BI Mobile App.

If you are concerned about security and are not ready to have your sensitive data available in the cloud while you are collating it and generating reports, the Power BI Report Server can be set up behind your firewall.  You can keep your confidential information private while you make your reports and decisions and then publish what you want out to others for action.

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If you are ready to take the next step in business analytics and win the data race against your competition, call us at MAX Technical Training.  We are the local Power BI experts and we can take you through an overview of what the system can do for you and your business. 

We also have classes for Power BI in Excel and Data Analysis Practitioners and can custom design a curriculum for you and your employees to be able to get the most out of Microsoft’s Power BI. 

If you are ready to take the next step in controlling and using your data, call MAX Technical Training at 513-322-8888.


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