What Is Java?

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Java is one of the most well-known and basic computer languages in coding. It was originally introduced by Sun Microsystems, one of the first major personal computer companies, in 1995. It is a computing platform that many applications and websites run on, so you’ve probably seen it or have installed it in the past. Java is popular because it is platform independent: it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other platform. Java is extremely versatile and is used in all sectors of the economy from banking where it helps deal with transactions to retail stores where it helps power billing applications so customers can purchase products. It is free to access and runs on all platforms for both personal and commercial use.

            Java is a general-purpose programming language like Python or JavaScript, two other programming languages; Java can run on any machine that has Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on it. One of the original great values it provided was that any piece of code that was written once can be applied virtually anywhere; this huge leverage it provided made it extremely successful. Additionally, Java derives its language from C, a procedural oriented language. This is extremely valuable because a lot of other programming languages are derived from C, so learning Java will make learning other coding languages much easier.

Why is Java important to you? Java is a great first coding language for beginning programmers. Java is a great beginning language to learn for many reasons. First, it is basically universal amongst coders; there are more Java programmers than any other kinds of programmers. This is helpful because there are a lot of resources online and many potential mentors. Additionally, Java is an object-oriented language. This means that the fundamental things learned in Java can be used when you go to learn other coding languages; it is a great fundamental coding language to use for your coding career.

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Java is an extremely important part of your skill set as you pursue coding roles upon completion of training. Many programming jobs require candidates to show their proficiency of Java. For example, during an interview you might be asked specific or general questions about Java and be asked to illustrate your understanding in front of the recruiter. This is to ensure that you can apply your knowledge of Java directly in the workforce and it proves to your employer that you are competent enough to fulfill your role. These interviews can be extensive and take multiple sessions so having a thorough understanding of Java and its applications is vital to your career as a developer.

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