Top Job Opportunities for Women in 2017

Women! Where do you want to go in your career? You want to make a great salary…that’s a given. But you’re probably wondering if you can make lots of money and also have that work/life balance you dream about. Is there a job out there that would enable you to earn a comfortable living, be there for your family, and have “me time”, too?

Well, guess what? There is a job that can give you everything you want: a high salary, flexible schedule, and even the freedom to work from home. One of the top job opportunities for women in 2017 is as an IT Developer!


Now don’t click off this page because you heard somewhere “women don’t do tech”. Give us a chance to change your mind. But before we do, you may be wondering what an IT Developer does. Let us break it down for you:

IT stands for information technology. A developer is an individual that builds and creates software and applications. So, an IT Developer (sometimes called a web developer) is someone that builds and creates software and applications for information technology. Got it? OK, let’s go on…

Why is IT Developer one of the top job opportunities for women in 2017?
First: Huge demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment growth for web developers is growing and predicts by 2024 there will be over 39,000 new jobs available in the field.

Second: Quality of life. IT Developers experience below average stress levels and some of the highest schedule flexibility out there. That’s super important for women. In fact, Glass Door published a report on the Top 25 Jobs for Work/Life Balance and web developer ranks right up near the top. And because many developers work from home either part-time or full time, they don’t have the stress of commuting and don’t need to relocate in order to land a great job.

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Wow! IT Developers make very high salaries
According to, entry-level pay for developers is around $53,000/year. Then the salaries start to go up. For two of the most popular programming languages (Java and .NET) median salaries are in the neighborhood of $72,000 and $65,000 respectively.

top job opportunities for women coding bootcamp max technical training

Employers want to attract and keep female technology professionals
In the image below you can see that in addition to salary and advancement, companies offer flexible hours and the option to work from home to female technology professionals in order to attract them and keep them. That gives women leverage to get what they need in the job market.


top job opportunities for women max technical training


Do you need a technology background to become an IT developer?
No. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need a background in technology to qualify for IT Developer training. You just need to be a fast learner, detail oriented, and have a comfort level with numbers.

How to get trained as an IT Developer
You can get your degree at a four-year college and that may be the right choice if you crave the college life, have the funds, and of course, the time. But many top developers get their start in what’s called coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are short and highly intensive training that usually take between eight and 10 weeks. They are designed for highly-motivated people who want a career in technology but don’t want to spend the time it takes (and the money) to go to a four-year college.


So let’s review:

Here is why IT Developer is one of the top job opportunities for women

  • High salary – Starting salaries are in the $50,000/year range.
  • Lots of job openings – Demand is growing and is projected to keep growing.
  • Flexible hours – You can work from home either full or part-time.
  • Work/Life balance – Flexible hours and low stress.
  • Opportunity for advancement – Employers go to great lengths to attract and retain top developers.


Have we convinced you?

If your answer is an emphatic Yes! then you’re in the right place. Top developers in the field are the instructors in our famous Java and .NET Bootcamps. And we have a formidable track record in helping our grads find jobs.


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