The MAXimum Coding & Career Bootcamp

The old model is obsolete.

After more than a year in development, we are very excited to announce an innovative multi-language MAXimum Coding & Career Bootcamp.  Since back in 2012, when we called them Developer Apprentice programs at MAX, our Coding & Career Bootcamp has delivered on our promise to serve career seekers through an accelerated full-stack Software Developer career path. 

Multi-language is in

Through our years of experience and discussions with our alumni and hiring partners. Graduates were being asked to crossover to a secondary core language and companies were utilizing technologies in both JAVA and C#(.NET).  In traditional bootcamps, it is challenging to create a curriculum that covers both languages equally so the student can prove their capabilities across both platforms, and still maintain an accelerated process. Our challenge was to fit equal JAVA and .NET training into the bootcamp without significantly increasing the completion time of the bootcamp. The IT expectations in the business community are changing and we wanted to get ahead of the need.

Today we are thrilled to present the only JAVA & C#(.NET) bootcamp in the Midwest region.

The MAXimum Coding & Career Bootcamp is a multi-language, accelerated, full-stack, 13-week coding experience. In the MAXimum Coding bootcamp students will work their way from the database to user interface and gain coding experience in both JAVA and C#(.NET) they need to confidently land a Software Developer position. Learning a secondary language requires hands-on experience coding a full-stack application. The ability to prove their multi-language capabilities is what will set them apart from their employment competition.  

As technology and business needs change, we must adapt to give our students the best opportunity for a future in IT. We are throwing out the traditional bootcamp models and bringing a new lineup to the career-seeking community. The first MAXimum Bootcamp is full-time and scheduled for May. You can learn more about the MAXimum Bootcamp at

“Our programs must be able to adapt to the needs of the business community and the students who go out to compete for jobs. These we’re changes we saw coming and our new bootcamp lineup can help anyone pursue a career in IT”   Denise Bartick, Owner, MAX Technical Training

We are a Cincinnati-based global training partner focused on helping companies, IT professionals and career seekers access the best IT training they need to succeed.  Since our doors opened in 1998, we’ve partnered with the best IT subject matter experts and instructors who are passionate about transferring their knowledge.  Whether you enroll in a class, request a private course, or customizing a bootcamp for a company. We will connect you with the training you need. Visit us at

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