How IT teams navigate unlimited vacation policies

How IT teams navigate unlimited vacation policies

This isn’t pie in the sky.  This is a tight rope walk. Unlimited vacation policies are here. Now. And attracting great talent. Is your company up to the challenge? In Kristin Burnham’s Computerworld article, she shares the secrets that Akamai, CA Technologies and VMware are using to balance workplace productivity, personal life balance and company costs.

“Take as much time off as you’d like, so long as you get your work done. That’s the idea behind unlimited vacation policies — a workplace perk growing in popularity among U.S. companies, particularly those in technology fields. This model is attractive both to employees, who cite it as a valuable benefit, and companies, which stand to save big money by switching to it. Some 45% of respondents to Computerworld’s 2016 IT Careers survey said that unlimited vacation time would entice them to change companies. This ranked far ahead of any other work-life perk, including paid sabbaticals, extended parental leave and on-site childcare. Businesses benefit, too, by” full article.

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